Palmax Filter

To ensure particularly high milk quality

- suitable for piping of all milking equipment
- suitable for large parlors for high throughput and large capacity
- replaceable stainless steel sieve for reuse
- easy to install
- Dirt filtration up to 90 microns


- The recommended location for the PALMAX FILTER is after the pump in the milk riser

The PALMAX FILTER is mounted vertically downstream of the pump so that the upper removable filter head can be easily reached for easy handling when inserting and removing the stainless steel strainer. It is fixed to the pipeline by means of rubber couplings 40-40 mm, 32-32 mm or even 40-32 mm (it is possible to produce filter ends 32 or even 40 mm on request). Secure the coupling with tape. It is best to attach the filter body to the parlor structure with two sleeves.

Filter body with gasket, filter head, stainless steel screen with gasket, stainless steel sealing ring with gasket.

- when milking, a stainless steel strainer is inserted in the filter body
- after milking, screw the filter head, remove the stainless steel strainer, insert the sealing ring and reattach the filter head ready to sanitize)
- rinse the sieves with running water (better warm) from the sieve and place the sieve in a box with DEPROS FILTERCLEAN solution.
This is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1 to 1: 2. The life of the solution depends on the dilution and contamination of the sieves inserted into it within about one month (the solution becomes cloudy) - depending on the water hardness it is necessary to remove scale from the sieve (approx. Once a week) Always rinse with Deprosan K before and after rinsing with water and then place in the Deprosan Filterclean solution.
- Remove the screen from the Deprosan Filterclean disinfectant solution prior to milking, rinse with water and place in the filter body
regularly check for filter cleanliness

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