Foamer Venus 2L

Manual foamer for application of more aggressive technical, chemical products, repellents and spraying.

For products to be applied to the surface in the form of foam, it will also find practical use in PROFI and industrial cleaning.

Suitable for industry, repair, engineering, auto service, repair, construction and agriculture.


Basic information:
VENUS PROFI SUPER BLUE PRO + hand pressure pump with hand pressure pump
High reliability, application accuracy, performance and long life
One-stage filtering system Spray Fluid
Inside Pressure Compressor
Modern, handy watermark for accurate fluid level and volume measurement
Sprayer complete with FPM seal (VITON)
Overpressure safety valve on head
Special nozzle for foam and fabric application
Reinforced base for better stability
Color design, blue / white

Technical Specifications:

  • Tank capacity: 2 L
  • Working pressure: max. 2.2 bar
  • Unloaded sprayer weight: 0.70 kg
  • Applicator dimensions: H 390 x W 125 mm

Standard equipment:
Pressure head VENUS SUPER BLUE including foam changeable nozzle
Practical watermark for accurate tank level and volume measurement
Overpressure safety valve < br /> Reinforced tank bottom plastic for better stability

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