Foamer Orion 6L

Hand-held foam with increased chemical resistance to acidic and alkaline substances with tank for 6 L solution.

Equipped with a 50 cm nozzle and a comfortable bundle carrier that provides improved comfort for long-term application.
It has a safety valve that helps to control the pressure inside the tank, protecting it from possible damage and thus ensuring work safety.
Stabilization base, which in addition to stabilizing the tank protects the container against mechanical damage. The base has special feet that make it easy to pump the sprayer.
Livance head and transparent stripe design along the capacitive scale allow accurate fluid dispensing.


Foamer Orion 6L is intended for the application of foam concentrates. It allows fast and accurate surface coverage with strong foam.

Basic Foamer Orion 6L feature specification:

  • 6L content
  • reinforced bottom
  • pressure relief valve
  • 40 ° foam spray nozzle
  • The degree of foaming depends on the cleaning product

The vessel is pressurized using a manual integrated pump. Application of the product itself is then performed by pressing and holding the trigger on the gun. The gun is connected to the pressure vessel using a 1.5m hose. At the same time, the gun contains a spray bar with a foaming nozzle mounted on it.

The pressure sprayer includes a safety feature pressure relief valve to prevent possible container overpressure and damage.

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