BrightLogic IP - dispenser

BrightLogic for Industrial Dosing Processes.

Dispensing system for industrial applications such as industrial washers for crates, containers, etc.

Ideal for container or bottle washers. Brightwell dispensers for industrial applications offer all the features of D1 and D2, but with a higher flow rate of 1 liter per minute.

The dispenser is ready to connect low detergent and rinse sensors with visual and audible warning signals.

Power supply 100 - 240V AC
Signals 12 - 240V AC/DC
Flow 10mm BrightChem (max. 870ml/min, min. 285ml/min)
3mm BrightChem (max. 35ml/min, min. 3,5ml/min)
Motor without brush- 24V DC, 600mA
Dosage 1 - 3 products
Settings time / conductivity / cyclic

More information: Input code protection, Quick setting mode, Dosing statistics, Measuring probe connection, Signal diagnostics mode

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